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Turn-key project 20tons Cassava garri flour making machine

Turn-key project 20tons Cassava garri flour making machine

The industrial processing of cassava holds much potential for investors. Cassava can be processed into different products like garri flour, fufu, tapioca, ethanol, chips, starch, glucose syrup, etc.

What is cassava garri?

Garri is now been eaten as a necessity in most Nigerian families.Asides from the fact that it is a kind of food that can be used to make other kinds of foods.we also have the majority of Nigerians who just love to soak and drink their garri not because they can not afford any other food but because they just love the taste and feeling

Garri is a creamy-white or yellow granular flour with a slightly fermented flavour and sometimes sour taste. It is made from fermented, gelatinised fresh cassava tubers.

According to an article that was wrtten in 2015, Garri is a staple food largely eaten in Nigeria and other West African countries. Even in faraway America, Australia, Europe and some other parts of Africa, people eat this popular staple food with different delicious African soups.

The soaked version of garri flour taken with coconut, bean cakes (akara), beans pudding (moin-moin), groundnuts, or smoked fish, is another interesting delicacy for many people, especially when taken with cold water and during hot periods.

Some even prefer to add evaporated milk and sugar to enjoy their soaked garri.

How to invest on a garri business?

Small cassava garri business:The investment is within 10,000USD,You can sell it to local people to eat and drink.

Medium cassava garri business :The investment is around 10,000-50,000USD,you can packing it and sell to market.

Big cassava garri business:The investment is above 100,00USD,you can export packed garri to overseas.

How to process garri from fresh cassava roots?

Raw materials required for garri processing

The major raw material required in the production of garri is harvested cassava roots. The fresh cassava tuber should be free from microbial or insect damage.

It should also be processed within two days to prevent deterioration and loss of quality.

Machines and equipment for cassava garri processing plant is like follows:

from cassava farm – washing&peeling – grating/grinding – pressing – sieving – frying – cooling – bagging.

Fresh cassava roots washing machine/Cassava roots peeling machine

Cassava Grating machine

Whole plant for cassava garri processing machines after installation


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