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300tons project Dried cassava chips processing machine whole production line

300tons project Dried cassava chips processing machine whole production line


Cassava roots is popular in African and southeast Asia. In Africa, tapioca roots can be produced to different products, such as cassava chips,garri, fufu, cassava flour and tapioca starch.

Tapioca chips (Cassava chips) has used in many areas:


    -    Industrial processing: ethanol, alcohol


    -    Animal feed: Pig, Chicken, Cow, Buffalo, Goat, ect


    -    Food .

Introduction of cassava chips making machine:

a. Cassava peeling machine: To process cassava into cassava chips, we need firstly peel the outer toxic peels of cassava. A simple type cassava chips processing machine has no peeling part, which requires to equip a peeling machine or peel it by hand. Of course, you can choose the new type cassava chips making machine which integrating cassava peeling machine and cassava chips machine into one, the cassava is peeled and then transported into chipping machine for slicing.

Note: The impurities removal should be through, it is required that the sand content is less 2%.

b. Cassava chipping machine: Then belt conveyor will convey the peeled cassava into cassava chips making machine to cut cassava into chips of 5-20mm. For customer who have special needs, we can adjust the thickness of the produced cassava chips.

Cassava chips drying machine: Drying process can be done by sun drying or cassava chips drying machine. It is required that the dried cassava chips has a moisture content of 12-14%.

In May 2020,an Brazil client decide to set up a 300tons cassava chips factory in Panama,After long time research on cassava chips,he found Cassava can be widely used in the livestock feed industry. The European Union imports three to four million tones of dry cassava chips for use in livestock feeds annually. So, cassava chips processing has bright future and great market potential.So he found our company and agreed on the 300tons a day dried cassava chips production line project.

 For those who want to do cassava chips business, we can provide you the different capacity of cassava chips making machine from the capacity of 1t/h to 10t/h. we are professional cassava chips making machine supplier in China, we can customize the equipment based on your requirement and budgets.

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