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Tapioca animal feed pellet machine

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Cassava tapioca pellet production line Tapioca residue pellet making machine

Introduction of cassava tapioca pellet machines:

Cassava tapioca pellet and residue pellet has become a hot sale product for animal feed,especially in Thailand,Malaysia,Indonesia,South America etc areas.

Cassava tapioca pellet is a common feed for animals like:cow,sheep,pig,chicken etc.

Full process of cassava tapioca pellet animal feed production line:

Cassava cleaning machine

Different projects need different models of machine,mostly the projects are like:

Small scale:0.5-2tons/h

Medium scale:2-5tons/h

Big scale:5-20tons/h

And also the washing machine is decide by how cleaning your raw cassava roots is,if the cassava roots is with much soil,its better add sand removing machine first before washing it by water.

Cassava peeling machine

The peeling rate of our peeling machine can bigger than 95%,but if the final product you want to make is for animal feed,we suggest you not peeling the cassava too clean,because during peeling process,you will lose cassava also.

Cassava roots cutting machine

Because the cassava roots is long and with many grooves sometimes,so before putting it into miller,better cut it into shorter first

Hammer mill to crush cassava into powder

Through the Hummer Mill, the raw material cassava chips is crushed into very small granular. The hummer mill adopts a water drop shape and is equipped with a negative pressure air induction system, which improves the working efficiency of the hummer mill. The blades of the hummer mill are reinforced with double-sided tungsten carbide, so that the hummer has a long service life.

Cassava tapioca Pellet making machine

Feed Pellet Machine is the main machine in this process. It uses a ring die, which has a higher compression ratio than the traditional flat mode, and feed pellets of the same size have higher nutritional content. Equipped with the conditioner, the materials are matured, which is more conducive to the absorption of animals, and eliminates the bacteria in the raw materials.

Cassava tapioca pellet packing machine

The packing can be any weight according to your need,but normally it is 25 and 50kg each bag.

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