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Cassava starch production line

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Africa small and big cassava starch processing machine whole production line

Whole process of cassava starch flour garri processing machine

process:washing and peeling--crushing and extracting--second extracting--dewatering-drying-sieving-packing

Detailed machines of cassava starch production line

1)washing and peeling

For 1t/h,2t/h,only one screw washing machine, for 3t/h,5t/h,two stage washer as follows, ensure final product could satisfy further process.There is many raised parts in the screw shaft, so the raw materails'''' skin  and dirth things are removed when they are transported up.

2)crushing and starch extracting:

feeding port is compsed of roller with shape rack,when feeding, raw materails is crushed into very small pieces to drop to below chamber which is with inside brush and outer screen.The screen hole diameter is very fine, only starch with water could though it out from the screen,big scum come out from the end of the machine.

3)second starch extracting machine:

The instructure is same as above main machine, just inside screen hole is more fine, so you could better quality starch from this.

Above three step is for basic process, if you want to best quality starch and dewater more easily.Pls get another three machinery: fine filter, dewatering machine, drying machine.Finally get dry starch with moisture about 10%.

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